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TECRESA has been the first company in Spain in the refractory sector to obtain from AENOR the certification OHSAS 18001

The Management of TECRESA, so as to advance and reach a high level in the Quality of all its activities, preserving the health and safety of its employees and everybody who contacts with the organization, has defined its Health and Job Safety policy with the following principles:

• Guarantee the compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
• Promote the participation and responsibility of all the employees of this company in the development of this Health and Job Safety policy.
• The people are the most important factor that guarentee our future, their welfare is a factor of continuity and success for its development, thus, work accidents can and must be avoided.
• The Prevention of Work Risks is the work of the whole organization, it is integral to the work of each person.
• No priority can be applied in detriment of the safety.
• Use the customers´ satisfaction, both at an internal and external, as a key indicator in the Organization´s Continuous Improvement policy.
Due to this, the Management of Tecresa has concluded an Alien Prevention Service, an parallel has established an internal Safety and Health Department, with the following objectives:
• Reach the highest level of results in what concerns the Prevention of Work Risks, overcoming even the legal demands regarding it and creating some safe and healthy work conditions for all the employees.
• Identify, evaluate, eliminate or minimize the industrial and sanitary risks as well as the accidents.
• Make available to everybody the necessary means and resources to carry out the works in total safety conditions.
• The control line will assume and potentiate the integration of safety in the assembly process, establishing that the best productivity is reached with the greater safety.
The Management of TECRESA, aware that Health and Safety is a task of all employees, compromises with a permanent training of all the staff, which allows to advance in the implementation of this policy, develop it, and keep it up to date by all the levels of the Company.


Tecresa, in the arrangement of the treatment of safety documentation to access facilities of its customers cooperates in the deal of documentary matters by means of different digital platforms (CAE). The platforms with which we mostly work are: CTAIMA, ACHILLES, E-GESTIONA, PCAE, SG RED…

The customer offers us this tool and requires by means of it the documentation which he considers necessary to log in to the corresponding platform. These platforms provide agility for the homologation of TECRESA and transaction of work passes. In this way, we can deal with our customers´emergencies 24 hours a day.

Tecresa has a Quality Management and Work Safety and Health available in which a treatment of all the documentation is integrated, both of company (Social Security, and Liability and Accident Insurances, , TC1-TC2, Social Security Certificate …), and operators (both basic and specific training, medical examinations, ID, etc.) It is an internal program that controls the general and operators´ documentation with respect to the works to be done in the different customers´ installations.